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Latest Phishing Attempt

Another phishing attempt is targeting University of Illinois members. Don't fall for its tricks.

CITES Security has been notified that there is a website purporting to "have your update now." At this time it is unclear whether people are being directed to the site through email or other means. If you see the page below it is not legitimate and is trying to steal your username and password.

Phishing Tip Offs

There are several tip offs that this is a phishing page

  • This is a page asking for a username and password, but it is not secure: notice there is no https:// at the beginning of the address bar.
  • This is a non-Univerisity page: notice the address is, not
  • The grammar on the page is awkward at best: "Fill the below information to have your update now."

Phishing Page



If you did enter your username and password into this page, or any other non-University page please contact CITES Security.

Protect Yourself

Phishing pages are designed to trick users into giving away information, either by asking you to enter information about yourself or provide your username and password into a malicious website created specifically for this purpose. Check out our phishing page to learn more about how to protect yourself.

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