Privacy and Information Security | University of Illinois


A strong, well-protected password is one of the most crucial components of computer security. Good passwords protect everything from your computer to your email to your bank account to the University's sensitive data. In addition to some of the more in-depth information linked to below, there are several password basics everyone should understand:

  • Do not write down your password anywhere. In particular, do not write down your password on a post-it-note and leave it somewhere at your desk (including under your keyboard).
  • Do not share your password with anyone else in person, by email, or online. In fact, it is against campus policy to let anyone else know your password. This includes not sharing your password with University of Illinois information technology staff. IT staff should never ask you for your password, particularly by email. In addition, do not share the answers to your password reset questions with anyone.
  • Be extremely careful reusing passwords for different accounts. Do not reuse passwords that you use for highly sensitive accounts such as your email, your bank account, your credit cards, or your University of Illinois account.
  • Do not post your password or the answers to your password reset questions on publicly viewable web sites, blogs, surveys or social media profiles. In addition, do not post the answers to your password reset questions in any public settings. This includes pictures of your pet if your pet's name is your reset question.

Password Basics