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Reporting Security Incidents

Find out where to report a computer security incident.

Everyone can expect to experience some sort of computer security incident at one time or another. When members of the University of Illinois community are looking for help in dealing with a security incident, who to talk to depends on the subject and the severity of the incident.

Physical threats or illegal activities

Contact the University of Illinois Police Department: 911

If your personal safety has been threatened, or if you have received messages that threaten to cause physical harm, damage property, or perform illegal activities, call 911.

Computer security emergencies

Contact the CITES Help Desk: 217-244-7000

If you have a computer security emergency, the best place to start is the CITES Help Desk. Depending on your emergency, the Help Desk may be able to assist you directly, or they may refer you to someone at CITES Security. Campus IT Professionals should contact CITES Security during an emergency by dialing 217-265-0000.

Laptops or mobile devices that are lost or stolen on campus

Contact the University of Illinois Police Department: 217-333-1216

If your laptop or mobile device is lost or stolen on campus, the first step you should take is to file a police report with the University Police. Please tell the University Police if you registered your laptop or mobile device with CITES before it was lost. Once the University Police know that your laptop or device was registered, they can turn to CITES Security to help recover the laptop.

Registering your laptop or mobile device can be done online and only takes a few minutes. If you frequently use a mobile device or laptop on campus, and you have not registered it yet, Security strongly recommends that you use our Registration Tool to register your computer.

Reporting and repairing a computer that has been disconnected from the campus network

If your computer has been disconnected from the campus network because it has a virus, you'll need to run the Antivirus CD to remove the infection. You can also contact the CITES Help Desk at 244-7000 or in order to get a copy of the CD.

If your computer has been disconnected from the network for a reason other than a virus, such as for port scanning or copyright violations, contact your departmental or housing network support staff or the CITES Help Desk for assistance in cleaning up the problem.

Reporting spam, phishing or email abuse

In most cases, every day spam and phishing messages that arrive in your inbox can be safely deleted with no further action needed.

If you want to report the spam or phishing messages that you receive, who you forward the message to depends on the content of the message. Messages to your University of Illinois address can be sent to If you receive a phishing message to a non-University of Illinois account it can be reported at the Anti-Phishing Working Group's reporting phishing page.

Lost Passwords and Compromised Accounts

If you believe that your University password has been lost or stolen, or if your University account has been accessed by someone other than you, please contact the CITES Help Desk at 244-7000 or to protect your account and/or reset your password.

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