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Security Tools

The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Office of Privacy and Information Assurance provides and recommends a variety of tools to help keep your computer secure, and your identity and data safe.

Antivirus / Anti-malware Software

Anti-malware software is an important line of defense for both Windows and Mac computers. CITES provides anyone free antivirus software to anyone with a valid University NetID.

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Computer Registration Tool

The Computer Registration Tool lets you register your computer or device with CITES Security. If your registered computer is ever lost on campus, CITES can help aid in recovering it.

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Endpoint Management

Endpoint Management tools available to Campus IT Professionals

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The Illini-Alert service sends email and text messages, posts to Facebook and Twitter, and triggers the Emergency Web Alert System for University websites in the event of a campus emergency.

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Password Managers

Password managers can help you remember and secure all of your passwords.

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Secunia PSI

Secunia actively looks for programs on your computer that may be out of date, and provides you with updates to those programs.

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Security CDs

Security CDs are available at the CITES Help Desk or online in ISO format to burn for yourself. These CDs bundle together many of our security applications and can help remove malware from an infected computer.

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The VPN helps you create a secure connection to campus from anywhere in the world. The VPN software is particularly helpful if you're online using an insecure wireless connection in public places such as a coffee shop or airport.

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Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management Services provides campus IT professionals with tools and information they can use to help protect the information in their care.

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