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Sensitive Data

The potential loss of sensitive data is one of the greatest modern threats to the University of Illinois and every individual affiliated with the University. For individuals, the loss of personal sensitive data can cause financial loss, a ruined credit rating, and years of hassles as he or she struggles to recover from identity theft. For the University, a data breach brings serious consequences not only for the institution, but also for the employees directly involved with the data breach. While the University continually tries to minimize the availability of sensitive data, and the need for such data in day to day work routines, sometimes working with sensitive data is unavoidable.

For University employees that work with sensitive data, protecting that data is one of their most important responsibilities. To help in this effort, CITES Security provides a variety of educational opportunities, tools and web resources to help employees responsibly work with sensitive data on campus. This web page provides links to these resources, as well as news items that highlight some of the major issues in protecting sensitive data.

Sensitive Data Basics